Strap Down Awning

Strap Down Awnings are the perfect product selection if posts or pillars are not available for the installation of guides. Strap Down awnings reduce heat and glare and can be locked into position with clips or straps. With a huge range of fabric styles and colours available, these affordable outdoor blinds create functional and enjoyable spaces.

Application Ground floor only/verandah/pergolas
Operation Crank operated, Pull down stick, Motorisation
Fabrics Screen / Canvas / Acrylic / PVC
Hardware Hood, Universal fixing bracket (If No Hood), straps, strap adapter, breeching staples. Stainless Steel (Available upon request)
Finish Scallop, Straight flap with bias, Straight flap hemmed, Exposed bottom rail, Plain finish


  • Crank Handle

    Crank Handle

  • Pull Down Stick

    Pull Down Stick

  • Motorisation


  • Ground Floor

    Ground Floor

  • Verandahs Pergolas

    Verandahs Pergolas

  • Over Roll

    Over Roll

Colourbond Colours

  • White


  • Classic Cream

    Classic Cream

  • Paperbark


  • Jasper


  • Pale Eucalypt

    Pale Eucalypt

  • Deep Ocean

    Deep Ocean

  • Woodland Grey

    Woodland Grey

  • Monument


  • Night Sky

    Night Sky